Comprehensive market expertise

Worldwide knowledge of the latest trends and regional consumer preferences. Which taste is exciting?
Which colour is fascinating? Which scent is seductive? And which product promise is convincing?

We give you well-founded answers to the questions that decide your success. Taj is at home in a wide range of food and beverage industries, conducts research and development around the world and supports wide range of customers. We know the challenges of your industry, have our eye on the latest trends across all markets, and know exactly what consumers want at a local level. This allows us to support you effectively with your innovation process, range development and international strategy.

Our decades of experience and comprehensive expertise are incorporated into every new development. That is why our solutions are perfectly tailored not only to the preferences of your consumers, but also to your technologies and food law constraints

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Our Fundamentals

As active company with supportive employees from a vast range of cultural backgrounds, countries and age groups, these values bring us together and allow us to present a uniform image.

Our History

Top quality and the best taste sensations stemming from tradition since 1953. It all started almost in 1955 with a hand-cart from labyrinth of Ahmedabad’s walled city offering hygienic and delicious ice-gollas (ice-slush).


Dealing with risks is appropriate and always in the interest of the company. A targeted and efficient cooperation between Supervisory Board and Executive Board is part of our corporate governance.