Our History

Top quality and the best taste sensations stemming from tradition since 1955

It all started almost in 1955 with a hand-cart from labyrinth of Ahmedabad’s walled city offering hygienic and delicious ice-golla’s (ice-slush) . Today, Taj is a leading producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Innovation, trust, quality and sustainability are the values that characterise our company and that we are proud of.

The early years

1955– 1984

The legend Ahmedmiya Rasoolmiya had a history of selfmade enterpreneurship. He started his entrepreneurial carrier from a cart by selling ice gollas, snow cone / snow slush, served with flavoured syrup poured on top. His father Rasoolmiya inspired him since
childhood to get into business.

Growth and change

1984 – 1996

Through hard work and a reputation for remaining true to his internal compass, he continued his business; his younger sister Zohra Fatima and his better-half Saleha banu were a helping hand in his success.

Modernisation & New Markets

1996 –2000

A real challenge was his unique fusion combinations, he made sure that the flavors don’t blend but stand out like “Almond and Pistachio”, “Ginger-Lemon” etc. Our Butter-scotch helps create some magic, is used in the first flavored latte, after seeing its success, we begin to focus on the special coffee industry.

National & International Participations

2000 – 2010

Join hands to grow together

Development & Worldwide Expansion

2010 –2014

The present day

2014 – TODAY

Together We Create …

Melting Moments of

taste, joy and happiness