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Are Taj bottles and packaging recyclable?

Yes! All Taj bottles are recyclable.

Do Taj Syrups contain any allergens?

None of the “Big 8” allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, fish, shellfish, soy, eggs, wheat) are used as ingredients. However, some natural flavors may contain protein compounds that are derived from sources that contain allergens.

What type of sugar do you use in your syrups?

The original Taj Syrups use pure cane sugar.
What type of sugar do you use in your signature syrups
Taj signature syrups use a unique blend of pure cane sugar and caramelized sugar.

What’s the difference between the special cream, hafus mango, tangy orange and khus?

Taj offers several varieties within flavour. Each flavour is distinctive and delicious.

Why does my milk sometimes curdle when adding some fruit flavoured syrups?

Taj’s fruit flavoured syrups contain similar acids as those found in real fruit, which can cause milk to curdle. While this may not look great, it is a natural occurrence and does not affect the flavour. A popular technique in coffee houses is to add Taj Syrup to the coffee first and then pour the milk. The coffee dilutes the acidity of the syrup so the milk can remain creamy good.

What are the most popular flavours?

Shahi Gulab, Pure Kesar, Khus and Fanta Orange

Do Taj Sharbat flavouring syrups contain alcohol?

Taj sharbats are non-alcoholic syrups and sauces.

What are the nutritional facts?

Are mentioned on labels

What is the self life of Taj Sharbat after opening?

The self life of syrups after opening depends on the conditioning. When using dosing instruments, make sure that the hygienic conditions are good so as not to affect the quality of the product. You can keep our syrups between 6 to 8 weeks after opening if kept cool and protected from sunlight.

Why is there sometime a ring / sediment on the inside of a Taj fruit syrup bottle?

This may be caused by any naturally occurring fruit oils, pulp or pectin contained in the Taj sharbats. This should dissolve once shaken and is not a cause of concern.


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